At the heart of a successful lasertag business is its equipment and we have the best.

Falcon Taggers

Our lasertag Falcon 1 & 2 rifles (aka taggers) are jam-packed with features which are sure to impress. These include:

  • Light yet sturdy construction
  • Informative OLED display (see below)
  • One of a kind Impulse Recoil mode for realistic shooting effect
  • Safety features including a two hand sensor and rubber tip
  • Multiple hit sensors
  • Ability to select a “second” weapon (i.e. pistol, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, etc.)


This feature deserves a special mention all of its own. in addition to the Pre- & Post- Game modes, the Active-Game mode displays 12 indicators at the same time.  These include:

  • Number of hits & defeats
  • Health & ammo scales
  • Type of weapon selected & number of available clips 
  •  Game timer & player’s rating


In addition to the tagger players also wear an interactive headband to further enhance their playing experience. Features include:

  • Light weight (only 150g)
  • Washable cuffs for hygiene purposes 
  • Four vibrating hit sensors for 360 degree hit angle
  • Extra bright diodes for team identification 
  •  Autonomous mode which allows the headband to work independent of the tagger for roles such as hostage, medic and zombie


Sirius stations take any lasertag game to a whole new level. By strategically placing them throughout the playing area and activating 1 of 7 modes, players will enjoy several additional exciting scenarios. Core modes include:

  • Base
  • Re-spawn
  • Ammo
  • Radiation
  • MedKit


Another piece of game-enhancing equipment is the Smart Domination Box. Usually placed near the centre of the playing area, players “capture” it by aiming and shooting down at the top of the device. The Smart Domination Box features 5 interactive modes – namely:

  • Capture by time
  • Triple capture
  • Tug-of-war
  • Capture by shots
  • Raise the flag


All of the above-mentioned equipment is manufactured by Lasertag.Net. For more information regarding this, and their other world-class products please contact us or visit their website.