why us?

FUN For ALL Ages

If you are young or just young-at-heart, lasertag is an interactive experience that can be enjoyed by all.  It provides all the thrills and excitement of battle games without the mess, pain and potential injuries of similar games such as paintball and airsoft.  Several added safety features of our equipment such as rubber tips and two hand sensors further enhances the ability for players to walk away with nothing more than just  fond memories

parties & team building

Whether it be a child’s birthday party, school/youth group or corporate team-building, Game On Ultimate Lasertag is ideally positioned to provide an unforgettable experience for all.  Players can choose to battle as teams or as individuals for the honour of being the “TOP GUN” in a wide variety of scenarios and levels of difficulty.  And at the end of the event (with the aid of our live statistical reporting system) all players are presented with recognition awards for their contribution which will help make their experience of the special day even more memorable.


The mobility of our lasertag system is one of it its biggest advantages. This means that it can be played just about anywhere including gardens; sports fields; parks; recreational halls; car parks; party venues; in the bush; etc. All you need is a bit of space and we provide the rest. It also means that we can come to you, unlike most battle game providers. This added benefit gives you one less thing to worry about while we take care of the logistics.

VARIETY of scenarios

Operating off a wireless software-based platform, our lasertag system provides an almost limitless array of scenarios and levels of difficulty.  This is further enhanced by additional auxiliary equipment which add all sorts of interesting twists to the players’ experiences.  To make things even more interesting, players can choose from a selection of characters such as a fearless trooper, a sharp shooting sniper, a life saving medic, a helpless hostage and even a life-sucking vampire or an infectious zombie.  All of these features combined will ensure an enthralling experience for all players no matter their age or level of experience.


One of our highest priorities as Game On Ultimate Lasertag is to provide you, our customers, with the best possible experience.  This is particularly true when it comes to your interaction with our equipment which is at the core of our business. After much research we can confidently say  that our lasertag equipment is world class. From the lasertag rifle (aka tagger) to the auxiliary equipment to the backbone wireless software. Our equipment is guaranteed to excite and enthrall!